Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sambung Belajar Luar Negara. Bagaimana caranya?

Study abroad, how should you plan?

I believe study abroad at prestige university is a dream of many people to get better education.  I realized there is no proper guideline for those who have determined to do so. After SPM, I didn’t really have an idea or in other words, I didn’t think at all to study abroad. Maybe because of ‘buta IT’ or there is no one ever explain to me how to do it. But I never regret doing undergraduate study in IIUM. In fact, I’m feeling really grateful being graduated from IIUM=).
Study abroad is a big decision because it requires a lot of money, times and efforts. Here are the steps that I want to share, perhaps it can help. =)
"Sesiapa yang menunjukkan jalan dan melopori sesuatu kebaikan, lalu org mengikutinya, bahaginya pahala sebagaimana mereka yang melakukannya"
::Riwayat Muslim::

~izinkan sy menumpang pahala anda nanti^^~

(Note: This is a guidance specifically for BSc graduates who want to further master degree abroad. Some points may applicable to PhD level too)

1. Intention (niat/nawaitu)
-              Intention is just like a foundation for what you are going to do. You must know what you actually want in life, why must you further study, why you choose oversea university instead of local university.
-              You must have the answer and keep it in your heart or list it in your diary. It can strengthen your determination, prevent you from give up, give you courage and it can help you to always remind yourself to purify your niat. Human being is forgetful right? =)

2. Choose course
-              If you don’t know what actually the exact course that you want to choose, you can at least decide which field that you really interested in.
-              For example, nutrition, microbiology, disease, cancer, genetic, biotechnology etc.
3. Choose university
-              I strongly recommend you to choose university with higher ranking in the world (at least top 50) for that field.
-              Study abroad is a very big investment. Choose CAREFULLY and istikharah. IMPORTANT points including facilities, experts they have, and how the module is offered should be taken into consideration.
-              After deciding your course, select university at the highest ranking which offering such course. Then, match with your qualification.
-              Loan and scholarship provider also will prioritize those who got offer from high raking university.
-              You can check the latest rank of the university in the world through Times Higher Education (THE) or QS world university ranking websites.

 4. Get an advice from lecturer and testimony from previous/current students
-              Get an advice from people who are expert in that area whether by email or make an appointment with them.
-              Tell them what you intended to do. Also, ask about career prospect of those field in Malaysia, how the field or course chosen can contribute to community in Malaysia.
-              You can show them the course outline of program chosen and ask their opinion.
-               If possible, try to find any previous or current student who are doing that course. This is to get a better picture on how the course is look like. Sometimes, even though the university is top ranked, there might be an internal issues that we not aware of. Eg. discrimination against Muslim or not well structured program.

5. Visit education fair.
-              Education fair is a great platform to have a direct contact with people from respective university.
-              You might have a chance to communicate directly with their lecturers and former student of that university.
-              UK and Australia have 2 to 3 times education fair per year. Usually it being held at KLCC but sometimes it might also being conducted at different cities in Malaysia. Check it through online to make sure you don’t miss it.
-              They usually established special website for that education fair, so that the visitor can register and check the tentative and universities involved before coming to the fair.
-              From their website, you can also search the university by course that you are interested in. For example, when you type microbiology in search course area, it will automatically list the universities which offer that course. Easy right? So that during the fair, you know which booth you want to visit. Focus and save time=)
-              Free postgraduate prospectus. You can get free prospectus from every university booths visited. So, prepare your backpack. =)
-              Try to visit here 
(Choosing course through educationuk website)

6. Tell your parent about your planning
-              Why I didn’t put this as an early step? It’s depending on you. From my point of view, I will make sure:-
-              I have at least a friend to plan this together, so that my parent will know that I’m not alone (well you know I am a DAUGHTER. xkan son pulok -.-). My parent might not consider at all if I’m alone.
-              I should know what course and which university I want to go, and also the steps required to study abroad. List it on a piece of paper, and then show them with confidence. So, they will know how determined you are.
-              Enough money and saving for that preparation. It is better to use your own money at least for ielts, visa and passport cost. You might need help from your parent in term of financial difficulties…but at least try to convince your parent that you will try to settle that on your own.
-              After you managed to get permission from your parent, then you know that for every challenges and obstacles you might face, there will always prays and support from them.

7. Saving
-              You should prepare your money for:-
-              Travel expense (Education fair exhibition, visa, scholar or loan interview)
-              IELTS (about RM 570)
-              Passport (about RM 100-RM300)
-              VISA (eg- UkVISA about RM 1400)
-              Miscellaneous (eg. Medical check-up ~RM200)

-              In special cases, loan or scholarship might take times to be credited into your account, you may have to prepare your own money to buy flight ticket (~RM3500), deposit for accommodation (~RM1500) and cost for life expense for a month (~RM500?).
(p/s-kopak2 *nangis)

8. Apply to university
-              After you have confirmed which university and exact course you want to apply, you can start making an online application.  It is better to apply earlier and did not waste time. Time is money..hehe.
-              Unable to decide which university to apply? Don't worry, apply all universities in your list=). Decide later.
-              Having 'university conditional offer' is one of the conditions that should be met in order to apply most of the scholarships. (Most means not all).
-              Some people might prefer to make the University application through an agent such as MABECS. There are pros and cons. But I suggest you to apply directly from University website, because you can communicate directly with the university staff.
-              If you have any queries for example regarding module offered of the course or about university requirement, just ask directly (by email) to person in charge. Usually they will provide contact information in the University website. From my experience, they reply to the email very quick.
-              The documents usually required by most of the universities are:-
a) original full transcript and degree certificate with CGPA at least 3.0 or second upper class honors (some Universities want 3.5 or first class honors). If your pointer is less than 3.0, don't give up at the very beginning, try to ask them if they can accept your qualification.
- if you didn't have these (in case you still in final semester of undergraduate study or not yet attend the graduation day), you can also use partial transcript and letter from senate. But you will get the conditional offer rather than the unconditional offer.
b) 2 references letters on headed paper
- Usually from lecturers
-  Some universities only request the email of the referees because they will contact them directly. So, notify your referees first.
c) Personal statement
- One page essay highlighting why you choose that university and course.  Write from your heart :).
d)  IELTS certificate
- You can attach this later if you have yet to take the test. You will get conditional offer.
e)  Scanned copy of passport
- Compulsory to get CAS (confirmation of acceptance) number in order to apply UK VISA. You can attach this later if you have yet to request the passport.

-              It is enough if on that time you only have reference letters and partial transcript in order to get conditional offer from university because other documents can be sent/uploaded later. This is to ensure the scholarship application process will become easier since most of the scholarship provider set the conditional offer as a minimum requirement (again, most means not all).
-              Some might also request certain amount of money for deposit (tuition fees). But you can give Financial Affidavit provided by your sponsorship provider.

-              Kindly check minimum English requirement needed by university applied and set your target.
-              The best tip to score is practice, practice and practice!
-              The certificate is valid for two years.
-              Ops wait! you might have a chance to waive from taking IELTS. 
-              If you are graduated from university in which English is the medium of instruction, you can request a letter from your university which mentioning and clarifying that English language is used as a medium of instruction in all its academic courses. 
-              But bear in mind that only certain universities will accept the letter. 
-              Waive from taking IELTS means that you can save for about half thousand ringgit! yeeheuww~\($.$)/
-              Visit my previous post about IELTS to know available websites offering free online exercise.
-              This group was created by my senior to assist anybody who are preparing for IELTS. ::Persediaan IELTS::
-              Okay, lets say the IELTS result obtained was slightly below the minimum requirement set by the university. Then, try to consult with university's staff. Try to get their opinion and ask for their consideration. Actually, some universities are quite flexible when dealing about IELTS. They might willing to accept your scores. But some universities also are quite strict on IELTS and they might want you to retake the test (Oh.Em.Gee T.T). 
-             No choice. Bear with that and resit the test. Sometimes, we need to sacrifice something to gain something else. Well, life is not easy..heww~

10. Apply scholarship
-              While you are searching the right course and university, you can also start searching for scholarship. In other words, start searching for scholarship as early as possible.
-              This is to make sure you did not miss any datelines.
-              Subscribe scholarship website to your email is a good idea.
-              To obtain the scholarship is actually the most crucial part to study abroad. This is because this entire plan maybe fail at all if you are unsuccessful to get any financial support. If you got first class CGPA, it is easier to pass this step. But don’t worry, if you got second upper class, there is still a chance.
-              Apply all scholarships which match with your qualification. Yes, all. Means that if that scholarship only will be given to 5 selected people in Malaysia or even in the world, don’t afraid to give it a try. (Kita tak tahu rezeki kita di mana). Don’t say no before making an effort. Try, try and try. Pray, pray and pray.
-              But if you come from wealthy family who can fully afford you study, the chance to achieve this dream is almost 100% insyaAllah.
-              Some scholarship providers want you to write an essay for example why you deserved their scholarship, why you choose that course, why you choose that university, your long-term career plan, your objective to further study, how will your study/course/field will benefit your home country, etc. 

      SubhanaAllah. Now you know this journey is tough and there is a long way to go through. This post might be too long because it being explained in a very detail way. But I just want to share and I really2 hope it can help. Also, I do apologize for any grammatical error (feel free to check my grammar:P). 
Strengthen your determination. Maximize your effort and let Allah determine for you which one is the best. In every steps, seek guidance from Him and pray. It is not you get there that matters; it is HOW you get there.

Allahumma Rabbana yassir wala tu’assir.

Some dream might remain as a dream….
but with Allah’s will, nothing is impossible.

Miracle is rare, but it’s happen. Stay positive :).

Semoga bermanfaat.
Mohon doa yang terbaik dari semua


p/s- some facts might not applicable for other than UK universities application. But I think it is just a small discrepancy when compared to university application at other western countries. Correct me if i'm wrong..

-Anda pelajar tahun akhir dan merancang menyambung pengajian di tahun yang sama?
try refer sini.

-cari lagi tips di sini


Anonymous said...

your post really helps alot..i really want to further my studies abroad or specifically UK..i just want to experience new lifestyle,culture and environment..i have completed my foundation and hopefully i get the chance to further my undergrad in UK..


HaSa said...

Good to hear that. May Allah ease your journey :)


despyan said...

to encik blogger:what course ya u in uk?

Luna Tsuki said...

Great tips, thank you.

athirahariffin said...

I wish i can be like you :)

Akak =, saya pun biomedical student kat uia, and i really hope can further my master abroad.

Akak duk kat u mane n amik ape skrg?

HaSa said...

(eh eh..ade junior jumpe blog aku...:P)

Uni of Glasgow, Medical Genetics.

InsyaAllah, may Allah ease your journey Athirah =)

Doakan akak jugak kt sini ye

qaireen said...

Assalamualaikum sis,

sy nak tanya, pd pndapat sis lepasan diploma lebih baik sambung degree dalam atau luar negara ?

HaSa said...


If ada peluang untuk sambung luar negara..why not?
Sebenarnya, dua-dua ada pros and cons.
Depends pada apa yang awak nak dan cari.

Farah NoerSyasya said...

ade ke peluang untuk lepasan diploma nak sambung overseas? maksudnya nk sambung degree overseas la kalau dpt pointer tggi. ade ke scholarship utk itu? :(

HaSa said...


Hmm not sure. rasa macam ada je. Try cek yayasan negeri.
Kena buat research sikit kot scholarship untuk diploma ke oversea.

tira azlan said...

salam akak. good written :) btw. sy nak tny, is it possible if sy still doing my dip n dh sem3 tp nk smbg blaja oversea.? boleh ke?

Anonymous said...

Salam kak hasa, kalau stpm boleh ke apply oversea ni ? -sue

HaSa said...

Wsalam. Lepasan STPM tu utk kelulusan diploma ye? Tak pasti la dik. Memang ramai yang tanya pasal ni. Tapi saya tak pasti pulak. Mungkin bergantung pada biasiswa.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum kak.. Boleh tak nk mnta emeil.. Nk refer akak lbih lnjut nih.. :)

Lulu Iy said...

assalamualaikum kak , cam mana nak apply IJAZAH SARJANA MUDA 'CHINESE AS SECOND LANGUAGE'dekat BEIJING FOREIGN STUDIES UNIVERSITY ?? harap akk dapat membantu

HaSa said...

W'salam Lulu

Biasanya apply melalui website university sahaja

Ms.Panda said...

Hai akak HASA :) sye pun grad iium jgk.. hehe. yg pasal IELTS tu, kalo nk waived the requirements utk tu, bole ke tulis ke UIA untuk mintak written confirmation dr dorg? agak2 UIA layan x? hehe.. mcm teringin jgk nk smbg master, tp bru jmpe blog akak ni which i think quite helpful :)

HaSa said...

Ms Panda.
Bole try mintak kat UIA. Diorang memang ada surat tu kot

bobbidiboo said...

assalamualaikum kak hasa.
I wanna ask something. If kita belum dapat result SPM, boleh tak kita mohon study luar negara ? and what if my spm result isn't that good ? kinda need your help here :)

HaSa said...

Waalaikumussalam bobbidiboo
Maaf lmbt reply. Saya xpasti mengenai prosedur melanjutkn pelajaran bagi lepasan SPM, mungkin boleh hubungi terus pihak yang menawarkan biasiswa

Dina Nurhana said...

Salam. Saya pun student UIA jugak, tp course Economics. Nak tanha, boleh ke kita guna result 1st year utk apply utk undergraduate studies di UK? Mohon pencerahan. Hehe

HaSa said...

Maaf Dina Nurhana, ini pun saya tak pasti. Boleh tanya terus pada PIC student admission university yang ingin dipohon.

azeerazas dias said...

Assalam nak tanya pasal pasport.boleh ke bagi lpas permohonan accepted??sbb manchester emel I suruh bagi scanned pasport.cane ye based on ur experience

HaSa said...

Wslm. ye perlu ada passport untuk dptkn unique CAS number. saya pun bg lmbt jugak dulu. Masa saya buat passport, sy dah dpt mara. Cuba berhubung dgn pihak uni tanya mcmmn boleh ke bg lmbt etc etc

asiahsiddiqah said...

Salam. Sy lepasan spm 2013. Now waiting for the spm result. Nak tanya macam mana nak apply utk program persediaan ke luar negara bawah tajaan MARA?? Betul ke JPA letak syarat kena kerja dengan JPA 10thn bg yg dpt tajaan dorang?

Liyana Nordin said...

salam , nk tnya sikit , apply untuk U luar negara ne buat lepas spm or lepas foundation/matriculation ??

HaSa said...

Untuk guide di blog ini adalah khusus untuk lepasan degree yg ingin buat master abroad

jaheed nur said...

Salam hasa...thanks for sharing...just nak tnya, u buat masters kat mana?am applying for mara tapi belum tau resultnye lagi...T_T...

ashraff said...

i really want to study abroad bcoz i want to learn their lifestyle,environment and even their culture but afraid about the cost and more worse than that are my english was really can i solve it?

Red Rosess said...

Assalamualaikum.. sis , lepasan cfs iium boleh ke mohon study oversea? ANd Mcm mne cre die? -Roses

HaSa said...

Jaheed Nur

That's are thing that everyone worried. About the cost, that is the sacrifice we should bear. But its nothing compared to priceless experience you will get. About the english, staying abroad will force you to improved it. Go for it!

Red rosess
Wslm. Boleh, tp saya xpasti bagaimana since i never experience it before. huhu

budak baik said...

Sis, lpsn asasi engineering uniten bleh ke apply utk degree kt korea??kursus bhsa bljr kt sana atau bljr dlu di malaysia

Mira Huda said...

sy skrg dh nak masuk 4th year laa and insyAllah by next June dah habis degree...
and mmg cita2 laa nak smbung master abroad...
slain dr mara, scholarship ape yg ade lagi ye?
awk pegi under mara ek??

Nur Mardhiah said...

Ambik kat Malaysia..ielts pon ambik kat Malaysia..lulus band yg dia nak ,baru boley p..senior saya p Moscow pon, ambik test bhsa Russia kat sini..*tlong jawab*

Nur Mardhiah said...

Hi sis ! Saya budak iium PJ ...

joe 123 said...

Salam...kak...bleh ke kita mhon university kat uk pkai rslt asasi?..kne go through with the ucas?may i know the term used for those yg nak smbg degree by using foundation cert.....hope you can help me...

HaSa said...

Mira Huda.
Refer link biasiswa pd column kanan blog

Nur Mardhiah
Thanks tolong jawabkan

Joe 123
Not sure. Try tanya agent study in uk.
Aussie Uni accept matriculation result. Not sure about UK uni. Good Luck!


Salam kak Hasa. Saya Aqilah. Saya teringin nak sambung oversea. But then, saya study uitm skrg. So takde Mara. Just PTPTN. Skrg dah sem5. CGPA cukup2 makan 3.50 (sebab 2 sem terkandas) Dan saya more in calculation, so decide nak pergi finance InsyaAllah.

Tapi saya survey, mostly semua oversea dalam bidang science (saya tak boleh go dgn science. SPM 3c utk semua subjek science)

Apa pendapat kak Hasa? Ttg Mara dan bidang yg saya pilih. Suggestion ke. Huhu

Thanks alot sis :)

HaSa said...

Wslm aqilah.
Sorry for the delay to get back to you.

It's not a problem at all.
Dulu ptptn dan sekarang nak apply mara, there is no issue for that.
Bidang science or finance, there is no issue too. Google the best uni offering finance course. I believe there will be many of them.

So, go for it!

May Allah ease your way.

Anonymous said...

Assalam Hasa..

First of all.. million thanks for your beautiful sharing.. am sure ur writing has inspires many msian to further their study abroad..

Well.. eina here.. have a few question pertaining this issues.. i am an IIUM graduates too.. in ur entry ada stated that few universities in uk yg boleh waived IESTL if we can prove that uni we attended b4 is using fully english...

If let say.. uni tu accept.. tp surat from uia je enough? or they require any cert like 1119 pnye cert skali?

If xmenyusahkan and if u aware of uni in uk yg boleh bgi this exception.. mind sharing x?

I am planning to apply for mara loan next year (2015).. which is I rasa I akn jdi candidate agak berumur.. hehe.. coz its almost 5years since I graduated..
In ur opinion.. will there be any adverse impact on my application later?.. or does my working exp can help me a bit in the application process..

Again.. thanks so much for ur sharing.. may Allah bless u always sis..

HaSa said...

Wsalam K.eina.

Thanks for the du'a.
May Allah bless you too.

To be honest, i didn't do any in-depth research on the list of the universities yang waive ielts.

From what i heard, those universities are:

a) Uni of Sheffield, UK
(if i not mistaken, as long as you got SPM 1119 then ielts can be waived, kindly check with Sheffield Uni admission officer for confirmation)
b) Uni of Leeds, UK
(need to provide gceo certificate and uni letter english as medium of instruction)
c) Uni of Oxford, UK
(but you need to pass their interview. They check ur English competency through that)

Are you planning to further Master or PhD? Btw, I think 5 years is not that long. Okay, can be the oldest in the class kot sebab mat salleh semua muda-muda remaja lagi.hehe.
I don't know what kind of requirement mara will set untuk loan akan datang. But I believe working experience is an added advantage. InsyaAllah. Make sure you highlighted that one somewhere during application.

May Allah ease your way!

shakila rapail said...

salam kak,saya masih student matrik dan teringin nak blajar luar ngra, boleh ajar saya mcm mna ya..

HaSa said...

Wslm. seperti step di atas wahai adik shakila..

Anonymous said...

Salam akak. Saya x faham satu benda je. Saya da skrng on final semester for diploma. Kalau saya nak sambung study abroad. Sy kena amik undergrd or post gradt... Sy x faham.

HaSa said...

Wsalam dik. apply undergraduate. Postgrad untuk master and PhD

candra said...

infonya sangat menarik,,

Anonymous said...

Assalam.. 1) after habis foundation uia ni boleh ke apply study abroad ? Pakai rsult foundation ? 2) lps final exam, let say dh dpt rsult for sem 1, boleh guna utk apply scholarship ?

Anonymous said...

Boleh ke dari foundation uia smbung study kat tmpat lain? Mohon pencerahan. Terima kasih :)

Fathin NurShahirah said...

Assalam sis.. kalau kita tak guna agen utk study abroad agak2 risky tak?

Fathin NurShahirah said...

Assalam sis.. kalau kita tak guna agen utk study abroad agak2 risky tak?

HaSa said...

Wslm. Not sure. Handle sendiri I think is much easier since you communicate dgn pihak university directly.

Fathin NurShahirah said...

Thnk u for the feedback..Abt the scholarship n pinjaman, kita kne further studies utk sethun dulu n then bru bole apply kan? N then katanya jpa sudah tidak iktiraf institusi pengajian di mesir.. tapi kenapa ada kawan kata bole apply jpa selepas sthun? Mohon pencerahan sis..

HaSa said...

Dear Fathin,
Usually people apply for scholarship first, only proceed with further study abroad once the financial/scholarship has been secured. No one could guarantee how you could survive if the loan/scholarship been rejected. Unless you confidence enough you could survive throughout the years with self-sponsorship.

Regarding JPA/pengajian di Mesir, mohon berhubung terus dgn pihak JPA for clarification

Fathin NurShahirah said...

Ooo.. i see.. thnks admin(:

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